Übersicht von Dienstleistungen zur Reinigung von Oberflächen mit Lasern

Effective laser cleaning

With Laser Cleaning, many materials and objects can be freed from dirt, rust, oxidation, patina, paint, varnish, oil and other coverings. You don't have to lease a device from us right away. If you only need to have items cleaned sporadically, it is best to use our laser cleaning service. In our workshop in Siek near Hamburg, we have space to clean, paint or de-rust your mobile objects up to the size of a small truck. If you shy away from the journey and transport, no problem: depending on the order within Germany, our mobile laser officer will also come to you by arrangement. We find a way. Just contact us and ask us what we make possible for you.

Would you like to use our laser cleaning service?

Then give us a call or write to us. In a personal conversation, tell us about your project and together we will plan the cleaning with the laser that suites your needs

In our service workshop and for our mobile service, we usually use our high-end laser devices with a laser Made in Germany, which we also offer for leasing. They are characterized by a wide range in wattage in order to be able to carry out all work from sensitive to robust materials.

With the backpack we are with us and with you beautifully mobile and mobile, the cart with the long laser tube is ideal for work that requires a shorter range and / or a steady hand. We decide which device we use for your purposes on site or in our service workshop. Simply bring us the part to be cleaned by prior arrangement.

We offer you all laser cleaning services in our service workshop and at your site:

  • Removal of paint and varnish from metal, stone and wood
  • Removal of dirt and patina on wooden objects in preparation for restoration
  • Removal of rust or oxidation on metals
  • Removal of mould on stone
  • Dechroming of objects
  • Preparation for powder coating, painting, chrome plating, sealing, etc.
  • Cleaning of precious metals such as gold, silver, copper and more
  • Cleaning of machines and shapes of any size
  • Cleaning of stones
  • Weld seam follow-up

All work is billed to the hour. Your workpieces can then be treated directly and require no drying time and usually no additional treatment by you.

No matter what task you have for us: whether rusting, paint stripping, preparing for restorations or cleaning, you always pay our hourly price of 150 euros (plus VAT), for work at your site we will talk to you in advance about the transport costs and further details during a free consultation.