Laserschweißgerät im Einsatz

Laser welding

Anyone who is familiar with welding knows what a laser welder can do. And if you don't know it yet, you will quickly be thrilled. Easy and safe to draw a clean seam is guaranteed with our laser welder. Whether with or without optional wire supply is our hand-held welding gun can be adjusted in many ways for every application.

You can now get all this with our laser made in Germany in three performance levels at a price that will convince you.

The advantages of laser welding are

Our mobile laser welding machine has a hand-held welding gun for maximum flexibility. Of course, our proven laser made in Germany is also installed in three different power levels. We have managed to make laser welding with the best quality affordable.

  • Easy handling, minimum welding training required

  • Precise work with precise energy input

  • Lower heat in the component

  • Less thermal distortion and structural change

  • Higher seam speed

  • Clean seams without calyx

Handheld laser welding machines