Maschinen mit Laser in der Werkstatt reinigen

Laser Cleaning with you

For many laser cleaning services that we cannot carry out in our workshop, our mobile laser representative is ready. In a preliminary discussion with you, he clarifies which equipment is necessary and comes to your workshop or production hall on the agreed date. Depending on your request, we offer this service on site throughout Germany.

You benefit from the usual hourly rate as well as previously agreed transport costs and save yourself your own, usually expensive transport, the possible disassembly of your device or furniture and have only minor downtimes for industrial machines. In a preliminary discussion, we discuss all the details with you and determine your exact desired date.

Our on-site Service

Since we have our highlight devices with us, we also offer you all applications in the field of laser cleaning on site: oil removal, rust removal, paint stripping, dechroming, cleaning and more. Our mobile employee is a state-certified laser safety officer, is familiar with all materials and has exactly what is necessary in your case for efficient and gentle laser treatment.

  • Ideal for large items

  • Throughout Germany

  • For 150 Euro/hour net

  • Pre-agreed transport costs

  • No arrears