Laser-Schweißnaht nachbarbeiten

Weld seam post-processing

Due to heat effects on welds or engine parts such as manifolds or heat shields, discoloration occurs again and again. As beautiful as these sometimes look, they are often unwanted and the removal time-consuming. The laser is particularly effective and thorough here.

This is a very special strength of our devices, as the workpieces are not damaged and this process requires only the shortest irradiation times. The same applies to anodized surfaces. Here, applied paints can be removed just as easily and quickly.

Heat discoloration

Heat discoloration of any kind disappears in seconds. Especially in the post-processing of welds, a fast and thorough result is achieved. Even low performance levels and surface-friendly settings show fast results here. A working speed of up to 1m per minute can be achieved here.

  • Fast results

  • Very cost-effective

  • Optimized adhesive substrate

  • Residue-free