Anwendungsbeispiel von Lasern zur Reinigung

Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning, the cleaning with laser light, literally knows no limits. The light penetrates into all areas and ensures effective surface treatment where it hits a workpiece in a bundled form. There is a suitable setting for almost every application: from light and gentle for cleaning wood to the strong performance to clean stones and Metal.

Every material has a so-called laser ablation threshold: this is achieved when the energy of the laser beam is above the ablation threshold of the material and the layer to be ablated is exactly in the focus of the oscillating light waves. Only then can you remove the desired layer with the help of laser light. With laser cleaning, many things can be done more effectively and precisely.

Do you want to treat, restore, remove or clean surfaces?

A wide variety of materials can be precisely cleaned with laser light. Tell us what you are planning and we will show you how you can achieve the success you want with laser cleaning.

We operate our own service workshop for laser cleaning and more in Siek near Hamburg. If you have items up to the size of an elephant that you can bring us here, we are happy to be there for you. If necessary, we also pick up your workpieces with a transporter, clean or unpaint them in our workshop and bring them back to you.

For your specific case, please always ask in advance. Our workshop is large enough to handle your motorhome or other mobile objects there. And no matter how precious your item is, one thing is for sure: we treat it as if it were our own.

In many cases, we are happy to be there for you in Germany and come with our laser cleaning device by arrangement with regular commissioning directly to you the production hall or workshop. If you do not want your machines to stand still for a long time or if you want to avoid dismantling, transport and assembly, we are your flexible partner on site.

If you want to clean large machine systems regularly, our laser officer will make his way to you with the appropriate device and carry out all the work at your site. Just ask us what is possible.

If you yourself practice a craft in which you often have to clean objects in order to re-treat or restore them, the purchase of your own EraserLaser Cleaning device could make sense for you. You benefit from new customers and higher capacity utilization of your workshop or employees. In addition, you do not need any other consumables other than protective equipment.

With us you will receive the laser cleaning device suitable for your purposes at favourable prices. These pay for themselves after a few hours per month even with lower utilization. Get in touch with us. We will find the optimal solution together with you and will be happy to demonstrate our devices to you. With us in the workshop or at your site. Even if you want to become self-employed in your region with Laser Cleaning, we support you with a concept.

We have the components of our EraserLaser devices produced by a leading German company. So you always receive from us a laser cleaning device with laser unit Made In Germany, which meets all the requirements required in this country. This includes a valid CE seal of approval, an emergency stop button, laser warnings and much more. If you are welcome to bring a workpiece to our appointment on which we will try out laser cleaning, then you will know directly what is possible and which EraserLaser device you need.

We also pay attention to your safety, train you comprehensively and instruct you thoroughly in the handling of your laser cleaning device. In addition, you get the complete German warranty and guarantee as well as a German-language support. We are happy to be there for you and advise you thoroughly.