Graffitis entfernen auf Steinwand mit Laserstrahl

Cleaning stones & facades

Graffiti, environmental pollution, algae coverings, lichens, mould or calcification: a house façade has to deal with all kind of dirts. If you want to restore the old shine here, you need good cleaning agents and a lot of patience. Or a laser cleaning device: with laser light, these deposits on the stone are dissolved by burning and removed without residue.

The stone looks like new again. Our transportable EraserLaser devices are ideally suited for use on house surfaces: as a backpack directly on the back with plenty of leeway or as a cart stand-up device and long hose. We are happy to discuss the details for your own laser device with you or clean your façade pore-deep using laser cleaning.

Cleaning stones by laser

Whether concrete, marble, travertine, sandstone, clinker, granite, terracotta or plaster, whether coloured or neutral: with laser cleaning you can effectively release stubborn environmental influences, graffiti or sulfates and nitrates from stones, even with ornaments on tiles. Completely without abrasion, chemistry or effort. Ideal as your new service with a leasing laser device, just contact us.

  • Pore depth cleaning

  • Without detergent

  • Thin-film removal

  • Restoration of the original state