Patina auf Holzbank mit Laser entfernen

Destroy mould by laser

Getting rid of mould is an elaborate thing. And let's be honest: in the end, the mould is distributed rather than destroyed or you have intense chemical around afterwards. With laser light, mould is completely destroyed, as it is no longer viable at temperatures above 70 °C. This turns mould into dust that can be easily sucked away. The layer underneath can be treated immediately, for example with a new coat of paint.

The biggest advantage: the treatment is carried out without chemical additives and without disturbing odours. Due to the selective heat, the mould is simply vaporized but the material behind it is not destroyed. If you often have to remove mould or are a painter or renovator, the purchase of an EraserLaser device is a useful addition to your daily work. We will be happy to discuss details with you.

Laser light destroy mould

With laser light, mould is destroyed on the spot, even the smallest infestation can be eliminated selectively. Without chemicals, without odours and without residues except dust, which you can simply suck away. By arrangement we come directly to you and work hand in hand with your painter, master plumber etc. Mould removal with laser light is also an ideal additional source of income for craftsmen, painters, building renovators and many other professional groups. We will be happy to advise you on your project and show you what is possible with laser cleaning.

  • True mould destruction

  • Easy to suck away

  • Surface immediately treatable

  • Chemical less & odourless