Pit Man Eraser Laser

Mobile Laser Pit Man

The Laser Pit Man is the ideal tool if you like to stay mobile when cleaning with laser light. This compact carrying case allows you to move freely when cleaning and take the device with you wherever you go. The lid of the case conveniently stores the gun and accessories, so everything you need is right at hand. The Pit Man only needs a 220v connection to work and gives you the flexibility to use a variety of laser cleaning tools with power ratings from 50 to 200 watts. With the Laser Pit Man you have the perfect solution for all your cleaning needs.

The mobile solution for laser cleaning

Grab the Laser Pit Man and head to the customer: with our mobile case, you can work wherever you are needed.

Support restorers with sensitive work, remove graffiti from stones or use the transportable trolley to offer an innovative service in your workshop. All the unit needs is a power socket.

  • Very portable

  • Flexibly usable

  • Up to 200 Watt output

  • No further mate

Mobile and flexible Laser Pit Man in the Cleaning Trolley