Rost entfernen mit Laser

Remove rust by laser

You have certainly had to deal with the removal of rust at some point: whether with vinegar and oil as a home remedy or with a special rust removal agent – loosening rust on objects is a procedure that requires a lot of leisure. Laser light makes it possible to de-rust the surface in a targeted and environmentally friendly manner:
the bundled light of the laser hits the workpiece in the predefined area and removes the rust layer by burning away. The highlight: the surface under the grate can be treated directly afterwards. And since laser light penetrates everywhere in a targeted manner, ornamented objects such as fittings or the popular Victorian garden furniture with its floral ornaments can also be effectively de-rusted.

Laser rust removal: very easy

If you want to remove rust or oxidation, you have to make sure to really catch every small part of it. This can be tedious by hand. Laser light makes it many times easier: since the rust layer is burned off piece by piece by the laser light, the metal underneath is rust-free in no time at all and can be used, sealed or post-treated directly, even ideal for heavily used parts such as exhaust manifolds. We de-rust for you: With us. With you. 

Bye rust.

  • Rust-free without chemicals

  • Selective treatment of small rust spots

  • Residue-free & pore-deep

  • No washing up afterwards

  • No grinding marks