Beispiel für die Reinigung von Holzflächen mit Laserlicht

Processing wooden surfaces with laser

If you want to restore furniture or clean wooden objects pore-deep, EraserLaser is the right place for you. With laser light at a low wattage level, you can laser patina and dirt away from the wood surface without damaging the grain with scratches. Since light is limitless, it also penetrates into depressions that would be difficult to reach with steel wool or the like. And don't worry, the wood will not be burned by the radiation. Whether refurbishing doors, restoring furniture or other things: with Laser Cleaning you save yourself a lot of work when cleaning wood.

Processing Wood: easy with laser

To ensure that the laser light does not burn the wood, the appropriate setting is selected for the laser cleaning device. This is the only way we can ensure that patina or dirt is burned off, but that the wood underneath, including its grain, remains intact. Come to our workshop with your piece of furniture. Or we can come to you for larger items by arrangement. Everything is possible with Laser Cleaning and EraserLaser.

  • Removes paint, patina & dirt

  • Grain is retained

  • Wood is not affected

  • Immediately ready for restoration

  • No abrasion

  • No moisture or humidity

  • No arrears