Entlacken: mit Laser Lack entfernen

Simply remove paint

When it comes to stripping surfaces, this is usually only possible with a lot of patience and caution. Whether spatula, grinding machine or with chemical agents such as strippers or paint removers – toxic fumes and fine dust are produced and we do not have to talk about the high time required and possible multiple treatments.

With laser light, paints are simply vaporized by light reflection and microexplosions and extracted as air particles. The material can be directly post-treated and repainted. And not only paint stripping is possible via laser cleaning, but even dechroming, for example, in order to be able to re-powder coat bumpers.

Paint stripping by laser: this is how it works

In order to remove varnish from objects, the setting on the laser cleaning device must be specifically selected for this application. The oscillating light waves of the laser then simply evaporate the paint on the surface. The object treated in this way can be treated directly, for example with a primer or repainting. We will be happy to show you this live – with us or with you.

  • Pore-deep & residue-free

  • Paint simply evaporates

  • Works on many materials

  • Immediately treatable