Öl-verschmutzte Maschine mit Laser reinigen

Laser cleaning of machines

Cleaning machines is a complex matter: it often has to be disassembled and transported. After the cost-intensive cleaning with dry ice, the return transport and then follows the re-assembly. In addition to these costs, the machine also stands still for a long time. With Laser Cleaning you can confidently say goodbye to this scenario: we come directly to you in the workshop or in the production hall and clean your machine thoroughly on site. The laser light also gets into difficult corners and depressions. And immediately after laser cleaning, your machine can continue running right away. This saves time, costs and downtime. Just tell us which machines you want to clean. We literally do this for you at the speed of light.

Efficient cleaning of large machines

When cleaning with laser light, you do not have to pay for additional consumer goods such as dry ice or polluting cleaning agents or disassemble your machine. We come to you with the EraserLaser device and work on the spot. In laser cleaning, unlike dry ice, the coatings evaporate without residue and can be extracted directly. Ask us what is possible.

  • Light penetrates into every corner

  • No arrears

  • No blasting material afterwards

  • No consumables required